Lost muse [ENG/RUS]

Inspiration is transient
24/7 access to muse
Immediate change of images
Lack of interest
We are full of creative stimuli 

When was the last time you visited the museum and were standing in front of the picture for more than a few minutes? But longer just because it made you travel in time and place. I decided to go to the museum as a part of the experiment. I visited an exhibition which I know quite well on a Saturday evening just in order to observe other visitors. But I noticed that they were flying from one picture to another. And I'm not only about museums. 

For example, as a representative of "Instagram feed" generation, I can notice the same on the internet. We scroll through the feed and don't pay adequate attention. Of course, there is a lot of trash everywhere, but it is our right to choose what we like and enjoy it.

I'm afraid that very soon we will lose a taste for inspiration. So you need to surround yourself with pleasant things that make us feel better. "will I be cool if?.."- completely wrong thoughts. Just do what you feel and you will be the coolest version of yourself. Isn't it enough? Because confidence is always a luxury that will draw people's eyes 

And below you can find one of my looks for holiday season. What could be better than a comfy, festive and cute sweater for Christmas? So I have chosen this one from h&m. Simple but fancy, it is also a good base for different looks. 

xx Nastassia


Everyone is an influencer

„What strikes me is the fact that in our society, art has become something which is related only to objects and not to individuals, or to life. That art is something which is specialized or which is done by experts who are artists. But couldn't everyone's life become a work of art? Why should the lamp or the house be an art object, but not our life?“- Michael Foucault 

I often hear from influencers in the blogosphere: “People want not just an inspiration, they want an entrance to a fantasy world!“ Usual things tend to be ameliorated. But in fact, I want to show you from my posts this usual life the way it is, how to find beauty even in everyday routine without being sly to yourself. Because in fact all of us should at first represent ourselves the way we are without additional clinquant around. Beauty is in the details. I don’t put a lot of effort into my hobbies (my blog is absolutely only my hobby), but I really want to show that everyone deserves his/her own fantasy world.

We need to understand that fantasy, fairy tales are not a part of everyone’s life. In fact, nobody has such even when it seems different. And I believe that it is absolutely phoney to make it seem like a fairytale for the public. Just be true to yourself. 

As for me, I couldn’t be happier that this „fashion blog“ era reached its peak. These engagements between people and fashion are what I always wanted. Especially, when I started as a teenager who at that time wanted just to express myself, to get some confidence and to display my small talents. But at the same time, it makes me a little upset to see only good pictures without the story beyond and a bit of self-identity. Bloggers started to lose their core, everything becomes marketed („BUY!...SELL!...BUY!!!). And that is the reason why I always repeat my own mantra: „Try not to lose your own way even under the „influence of influencers“.

Lots of love
xx Nastassia



 Recently I have found an interesting video on one YouTube channel dedicated to this topic. In fact, it was related to men. But I have an peculiar love to male items of cloth and accessories. Recently I've met a boy who has 3 of the same pairs of shoes as me and he asked me if it is him to be too feminine. Today these borders are absolutely blurred. A lot of fashion houses does not divide their runway shows exclusively on "men" and "women", a lot of women dress like men and the world include them into lists of "it-girls". I believe that it is becoming more and more popular today because: a) it gives more diversity to your style and b) it is very intellectual and smart component of personal style to build your look so that you will look feminine in men's clothing.
During several years of this passion I came up with some most important rules (in fact, I can talk about it for hour!). It should include a lot of details like neat (optionally, messy) hair, accurate hands (especially hands with nice but not glaring manicure), feminine perfume, may be some lipstick or eyeliner (choose only one). The rest depends only on your tastes.
Also the most important advice is: even though, you wear masculine cloth, you should act 100 times more feminine comparing to those times, when you wear a dress with heels and a lipstick.



This look is my ode to the one and only band "the Libertines". So this post you won't find words about fashion, but another very important words for every young person:

To Be A Libertine
I know what it means
To be a Libertine...
I know what it means
To be a Libertine...
Driven Forgiven
Zero F***s given
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Abused Misused
Forsaken & Fated
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Spat on
Shat on
Kept my
Hat on
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Broken Chokin'
Almost Croakin’
Look at me
Iv’e come back smoking’
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Time for heroes
Weird not weirdoes
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Do you Love Albion
This fine nation
Hate Boredom
Fear & desperation
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Have you heard
The Rock & Roll?
Classless British
& no control
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Something truthful
Something raw
Something worth
Living for...
I know what it means
To be a Libertine
Obsessions redemptions
& deepest confessions
I know what it means
To be a Libertine...
              Lyrics: Trampolene



Initially this dress that I bought in Mango during sale had extremely deep neck. I could have left it and wear this dress only for some special occasions, but I could not wait to wear it as soon as possible (even for a warm evening walk with my friends to the nearest wine bar). So I decided to change it in a way that will suit my personality and make it not "occasion-dependent". And here it comes. Airy, light, girly dress that is modest enough. And to return this dress into the festive category you can just simply put a collar necklace (as I decided here) or a fur collar (for more cold seasons), just to make it look like in old films, because the waist line of this dress reminds of dresses that were popular in 1940s).

Это платье я купила на распродаже в магазине Mango. Первоначально у него был очень глубокий вырез... Я могла бы оставить его только для особенных случаев, но я не могла дождаться, когда я смогу его надеть (даже просто для прогулки тёплым вечером с друзьями до ближайшего винного бара). Поэтому я решила модернизировать его в соответствии со своим внутренним мироощущением и сделать его "независимым от случая". И вот что получилось. Воздушное, легкое, девичье и достаточно скромное платье. Чтобы вернуть его в категорию "выходного костюма" достаточно всего лишь надеть ожерелье воротник (как в моем случае) или меховую горжетку (больше подойдёт для более прохладного времени года), чтобы сделать образ похожим на образы фильмов 40-х годов, потому как линия талия этого платья как раз напоминает платья этой эпохи.



Somebody may call me a barbarian, but I decided to see Bologna during only several hours. During my trip to Italy I was with my parents. So it was difficult for me to find the balance between relaxing on the beach and exploration of Italian cities. So here are some top places to see in Bologna if you don't have much time. But this city, for sure, require much more time! 
Clever people in the past knew that a big amount of archs between the buildings will help them to survive heat during Italian summer. So it was really cool then even though it was +35 degrees! The city was empty at the time we arrived (siesta time) and I was free to make photos without waiting for perfect composition. But also siesta time is not that positive because it is really difficult to find a place to eat, so we were on an "ice-cream and coffee" diet that day (really nice when you're in Italy).
You should simply walk, stroll and look around to feel the beauty of Bologna. It is a city to live not to visit. Try to live like locals, eat like them and drink coffee like them, enjoy life the same way as they. People in Italy can for sure find beaty in every second and take pleasure in life. It is #1 lesson that people around the world should learn from Italian people while visiting this beautiful country!

 Piazza Verdi
 Universita degli Studi di Bologna
 San Petronio Basilica



Two days before autumn starts I decided to put on the most "summer", effortless and airy dress I have. It is not a usual look for me: here I wear both dress and heels at the same time. But sometimes you may allow yourself to be a girl (just several days before you'll start wearing coats till the next spring). So enjoy the last summer days!



The Adriatic Riviera is one of the most beatiful coasts in Italy. And it's main city is Rimini. Rimini is both popular among Italian and foreign people. For sure this place have some unique pearls: Arch of Augustus and the Tiberius Bridge that were built during the Roman Empire. The Tiberius Bridge, for example, is still functioning as a bridge across the river both for cars and people!
Legendary film director- Federico Fellini was born here. Rimini was a set for one of his film "Amarcord". So if you want to feel yourself a character of Fellini's films- visit this pretty city and have a walk around it's beautiful old town. 
Below you can also find some places to visit and where to eat.