Somebody may call me a barbarian, but I decided to see Bologna during only several hours. During my trip to Italy I was with my parents. So it was difficult for me to find the balance between relaxing on the beach and exploration of Italian cities. So here are some top places to see in Bologna if you don't have much time. But this city, for sure, require much more time! 
Clever people in the past knew that a big amount of archs between the buildings will help them to survive heat during Italian summer. So it was really cool then even though it was +35 degrees! The city was empty at the time we arrived (siesta time) and I was free to make photos without waiting for perfect composition. But also siesta time is not that positive because it is really difficult to find a place to eat, so we were on an "ice-cream and coffee" diet that day (really nice when you're in Italy).
You should simply walk, stroll and look around to feel the beauty of Bologna. It is a city to live not to visit. Try to live like locals, eat like them and drink coffee like them, enjoy life the same way as they. People in Italy can for sure find beaty in every second and take pleasure in life. It is #1 lesson that people around the world should learn from Italian people while visiting this beautiful country!

 Piazza Verdi
 Universita degli Studi di Bologna
 San Petronio Basilica

 Piazza Maggiore
 Palazzo d'Accursio

 Via del Borgo di S.Pietro
 Via Delle Belle Arti
 Via Marsala
 Via Guglielmo Oberdan
 Via Irnerio
  Via del Borgo di S.Pietro
 Basilica di San Petronio
 Palazzo d'Accursio
 Palazzo Barbazzi
 Via Castiglione
 Piazza del Francia
 Via Castiglione
 Ex Saint Lucia
 Piazza del Francia
Parrucchieri Estro di Zironi Paola
 Basilica di San Bartolomeo
 Due Torri

 Via Dell' Indipendenza
 Piazza Nettuno
 Palazzo di Giustizia
 Piazza Galvani
Basilica di San Petronio

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