Since my last post of the ootd a lot of time has passed and my view on dressing myself has changed. Mostly these changes are connected with my university. In autumn I will be 4th yaer student of phamaceutical faculty. I had very specific vision of fashion earlier, I had more free time and I spent it on making every detail of my look unique and unusual. And when you're a teenager it is easy to look like a freak. When I reached my 20s I faced that a freak with white coat upward is not really appropriate appearance. But situation is not that pessimistic. So from now I want to reveal how to balance the freak inside you and mature person outside.
To start with (after the long break), I want to show you just a dress. It is just a win-win situation, especially with such pretty "asian-style" sleeves and print.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Aldo

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