Recently I've been to Germany.In the morning that Sunday I came to our national airport and began to feel really glad,because airport for me is a harbinger of new trip to far countries.And when I landed in Germany, I have been "driven" on plane for 10 minutes.It is so because Frankfurt airport is practically the biggest airport in Europe(third after airports in England and in Paris).It was amazing.After that I have moved to Frankfurt.This city striked me with it's modern architecture.Practically all building are made of glass. You can see one of them below.

 The next day was devoted to shopping and actually nothing else.As you saw higher every day I've been to a new city or even country,this little trips were made by car and also with the help of our friends.That's why I associate his country with roads,which indented all the country. This idea came to my head on the way to Cologne.This city is too historical and too modern at the same time.But I were amused by his historical part.You could probably agree with me after watching some my photos.I really fallen in love with Koln doughnut-shaped bread rolls which I tasted in small cafe on the street and it's perfect coffee.

 After that I moved to Luxembourg.This city and country is unforgettable.When we crossed the border of this country and city I was hitted by the people and the police.Let me explain.The police moves inside the city on orange motorbikes.And if talk about the people I can say that they are really reach but modest.Their houses are practically the same and all of them were made some centuries ago but look careful.On the other hand they are not too modest,men there wear label suits and every women have brand bag.They are wearing dresses and high-heeled shoes which stired me.In this city I tried Ladurée. Ladurée - it is a luxury. Luxury show-window, where the stores are in all its glory wonderful pastries, cakes.I am happy that I tasted them.I have seen them in my favorite "Gossip Girl".So I have touched to luxury that day. Also I can confirm my words with another statement:there exist street with tens of label shops.This country amused me most. 

Then I moved to a city in Germany which was popular among Russian intelligentsia:well-known artist,writers.Russia remember with sad event.It was united with the famous writer Dostoevsky,who lost his money in the first casino.Now this casino is history and it is a popular sight.And this city is called Baden-Baden.Someone even said some centuries ago that it is German city for russian people.Yo can agree with this after looking on it's architecture.It is made in best traditions of 18th-19th century. This mansions resembles royal palaces but made in small copies.It's genius works but not to my taste.And I can say that if you visit this city you can feel Russian culture of that time, it is like time machine.

Then I went to France (to Strasbourg), there everyone wears perfectly, but I want to note that in France people can mix colors really good:not only women but men also. There you can find not only unusual combinations of colors but also trendy and not compatible on first view cloth.And all this create perfect looks.Also I was inspired by the river and cute houses near river in this city.

But this week ended when I sat again in car and went to Frankfurt, to it's airport. There I bought amazing easter chocolate rabbit.When I sat in bus which delivered me to the plane I put on my sunglasses, you may understand why, then I thought that very soon I will be in my Homeland and I'll come back to my life: reckless with my friends and full of meanings about school and future.

 In Frankfurt am Main airport
 On my shopping trip

                                                        It's the shopping center with the hole  

 Stomatologic exhibition in Cologne (me and my mom)

Cologne Dom 

 In Luxembourg

  Luxembourg center

 And it's Laduree. They're really pretty

In Baden-Baden 

Flowers in Baden-Baden 

Nice France tulips 

In Strasbourg (European Parliament)

Me near Dom in Strausbourg

 Strasbourg, old city 

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